Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dino Eats Pizza and Spiders

This is Dino.  He's my favorite dinosaur.  Pizza is his favorite food.  But he also likes eating spiders.  He eats lots of spiders.

Dino, you should stop eating spiders!  They're disgusting!
Why is Dino such a bad dinosaur?  It's because he cries all the time.  It's because he always wants pizza, and then he keeps crying until we give him pizza.  But when we give him pizza, he forgets about his food and then goes chasing spiders!

Dino, that's disgusting!  Don't eat spiders, you bad dino!

Here's a picture of a spider.  The spiders are also bad:
Spider...why are you holding a fork?  Spiders should not hold forks.

Wait.  Are you trying to eat my dinos?  You better not eat my dinos, you bad spider!


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